We offer top-notch recording services to musicians and artists in Greensboro and across the state.


Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, we have everything you need to produce high-quality music that will leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Our studio is located in Greensboro, which makes it easily accessible to musicians and artists across the state. Whether you’re based in Charlotte, Raleigh, or anywhere else in North Carolina, we’re here to help you produce the best possible music.

Recording Studio Services

Professional Studio Recordings

Capture the soul of your music with our professional studio recordings. With the best tools and skilled engineers, our Greensboro, North Carolina recording studio can help you create the ideal sound.

Mixing and Mastering

Elevate your tracks to the next level with our expert mixing and mastering services. Our Greensboro, NC recording studio offers professional post-production services to polish your music and make it sound its best.

In-House Production

Unlock your creative potential with our in-house production services. Our Greensboro, NC recording studio provides in-house production services, including beat making, songwriting assistance, and music arrangement, to help you bring your vision to life.

Podcast Recordings

Professional podcast recordings to share Your message with the world. Our Greensboro, NC recording studio offers top-notch podcast recording services, complete with high-quality audio production and editing to help you create engaging content.

Recording Artist Consulting

Boost your music career with our expert consulting. Our Greensboro, NC recording studio offers personalized guidance on career planning, brand development, and marketing strategies to help musicians succeed in the competitive music industry.

Video Production

Bring your music to life with our video production services. Our Greensboro, NC recording studio provides high-quality video production services to create stunning visuals that complement your music and enhance your online presence.

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“Very hospitable studio environment! Will be making more trips back in the future.”

-Angelica Knight

“Wow! Great studio and a powerful team . My podcast experience is amazing! I’m now using them for my radio show also . I highly recommend the hottest spot in the triad for all your needs.”

-Chief Lance Jones

“I stopped by HOTC while my visit to Greensboro! I must say this is the place to come for all of your musical needed recordings..”

-John Jenkins


Eli Fribush

Studio Manager

Jordan Jones

Executive Manager

Calvin Anderson

Video Production Engineer


In House Production


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